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What is MUN ?

•MUN, also known as Model United Nations, is a way where all the delegates representing different nations participate in United Nations Organizations.

• In a Model United Nations Organizations, all the delegates propose their views on their topic/agenda.

• Since the topics are bit complicated, therefore the problems will be complicated too.

• The solutions that the delegates propose matters a lot. Your Solutions will entirely depend on your thinking and creativity.

• Therefore no plagiarism will be entertained.

1.MUN- Model United Nations

2.CC- Crisis Committee

3.PP- Position Paper

4.DR – Draft Resolution

5.MC – Moderated Caucus

6.UC – Unmoderated Caucus

7.Op-ed – Opinionated Editorials

8.GSL – General Speaker’s List

Some Important Statements that will be used during the Conference

• “Any motion on the floor”, will always be asked by Chair Person. It means that he is asking whether anybody is interested to speak or not.

• “Point of Parliamentary Information”, will be asked by delegates if anyone finds any kind of plagiarism or false statements/information stated by other delegates.

• “Point of Personal Privilege”, will be asked by delegates if anyone faces any kind of personal problems. E.g. facing internet issues or voice issues.

•Difference between Present and Present and Voting- During the time of Roll Call if you do not want to vote for any resolutions that will be passed you will say only Present and If you want to vote you will say Present and Voting. You will be informed by your chairperson when to do that.


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